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Lunchtime Doodle 2015-07-30 by mayuzane
Lunchtime Doodle 2015-07-30
Which one is scarier: A robot that can kill a human being faster than a human ever could, or a robot that can raise a human being better than a human ever could?
Splatoon Report: Inkopolis
by Mahyuddin Zin

The great city of Inkopolis is the center of the Inklings' homeland. The city's plaza is the heart of their nation's youth, home of Booyah Base and the Turf War matches that happen on a daily basis.

Inkopolis was completed 1,900 years ago, under supervision of Judd the Unaging, a cat who survived the Great Flood 12,000 years in the past. Judd's extensive knowledge of human culture and science put him in an esteemed position among the Inklings despite his strange appearance, and he made use of his influence to create a city that would remind him of his old life.

Though the Inklings may never officially admit it, almost every aspect of Inkopolis was copied from the ancient human city, Tokyo. Zapfish Tower, for example, was clearly based on the Tokyo Tower, which today still stands proudly among the ruins of humanity, but for now only visited by scientists and archaeologists.

Inkopolis Plaza is the main focus of Inkling teens, but the other districts are no less important.

The Kindergarten District is a place where infant and adolescent Inklings are educated; they attend schools much like a human school, though instead of stairs the rooms are connected by Ink Rails, which is a much more efficient form of transportation as well as providing good practice for the young ones in the art of shifting their bodies from a solid to a liquid state and back again. This is a feature common in buildings meant for younger Inklings, though it appears the adults prefer walking on ramps instead of using the Ink Rails.

We believe this is because the adults had grown too used to their humanoid forms and felt uncomfortable in squid form, though another popular theory says the adults do not like Ink Rails as it is subconsciously considered a sign of childishness, due to overuse in the Kindergarten District. The hesitation to use Ink Rails explains why there is also a train-based mass transit system. Theoretically, the Inklings should be able to use Ink Rails whenever and wherever they please, and yet they chose to use a train, which consumes much more energy and effort to maintain. Therefore, their continued use of trains must be due to a cultural or psychological reason.

The Central Business District is where most business unrelated to Turf Wars occurs. Restaurants, grocery stores, furniture stores, and so on can be found here in abundance. Coins earned from Turf Wars are of course valid here, which is another incentive for the youth to take part in the Turf Wars. Technically, every teenager involved in the battles is a professional athlete, though this activity is so common that it is only considered a hobby that happens to have a monetary reward.

Though Inklings can quickly recover from ink-related injuries by either submerging themselves in the same-color ink or by returning to a Respawn Station, they are not immune to disease and clinics can be found all over the city. They do not have hospitals, as Inklings find it very distressing to be trapped in a single place for long periods of time. Inklings are meant to be very mobile creatures, and even those who lack any limbs or means of locomotion cannot adapt to sitting still for more than an hour or two, and so they prefer to be carried around by friends or automated vehicles. For this reason, Inkopolis has no hospitals with beds or anything for long periods of rest.

Of course, that is not to say Inkopolis has no facilities for keeping people in one spot. The Prison Zone is where criminals and enemy combatants are kept. By human standards, the treatment of prisoners is exceedingly cruel, as prisoners are kept in cages that resemble giant snowglobes and are not allowed to ever leave. Food is simply pumped into the globe, and their only means of exercise is to just swim around in circles. Octarian prisoners have it even worse, as most of them cannot read Inkling script and therefore unable to even read books in the prison's library, which has robotic arms that hold the books in front of the snowglobes and turn the pages.

Oddly enough, there are no facilities for jellyfish or any other species besides the Inklings and the Octarians. Everyone else is either deported or put into community service.

The military outposts and checkpoints sporadically placed around the city provide a measure of security by local law enforcement, who wear Power Armor on a regular basis. Their high-tech equipment is off-limits to civilians, but a replica of their standard armor can be found among young Inklings in the Turf Battles.

Despite the obviously military origins of the Turf Wars sport, very few citizens of Inkopolis actually sign up for military. This is possibly due to the nature of how the salary system works within the soldiers' ranks; soldiers are given fixed weekly salaries, but their performance will seldom affect their pay. In contrast, Turf Wars consistently gives money that reflects the player's accomplishments during the matches. As a result, most of those who choose to join the military are those who are more cautious than the rest, preferring a steady income instead of an unpredictable one where a string of match losses could mean days of hunger.

Inkopolis has no sewage system, no landfills and no toxic waste deposit sites. This is because they just dump everything into Octo Valley, right under the city. To say that this is a major cause for Octarion animosity towards Inkopolis would be an understatement.

However, in recent years Inkopolis has been slowly trying to improve their relations with Octo Valley, after the recovery of the Great Zapfish. Captain Cuttlefish, a decorated war hero, has been frequently campaigning for peace between their two nations. DJ Octavio (the 'DJ' is for Demanding Justice) was a hardline Octarian nationalist who was ultimately responsible for the Great Zapfish Crisis and constantly opposed the normalization of relations, and led a small army that was preparing to attack Inkopolis.

DJ Octavio even resurrected the Great Octoweapons, though at reduced strength due to lack of maintenance. To avoid panic, Captain Cuttlefish recruited an Inkling who had abnormally fast reflexes and skilled at unconventional thinking, known to us as Agent 3. Agent 3 performed quite well despite their young age, most probably because the ones loyal to Octavio had never experienced actual combat, and were not sharpened by hundreds of hours in fake battles. We noticed that only the Octolings were of any real threat to Agent 3.

Since Octavio's defeat, the Octarians have been able to re-open channels of communication with the Inkopolis City Council. Some high-ranking Octarians have been reportedly sneaking into the city, not as spies or saboteurs, but simply to purchase high-quality goods that cannot be found in their homeland. There are rumors of Octolings fraternizing with Inklings, even marriages or at least cohabitation, but these cannot be confirmed right now due to our limited surveillance capabilities.

We do not know if Inkopolis can sustain the influx of Octarian refugees in the short-term. The City Council is gambling on the hope that they can complete their Renewable Energy Project and the Land Reclamation Act before it is too late.

Of course, it's not really a gamble.

Not with us giving them a little nudge here and there.
Splatoon Report: Inkopolis
The second part in my series of fanfics about the world of Splatoon. The first one, about Spyke, can be read here:…
Anything Goes 001 - it begins by mayuzane
Anything Goes 001 - it begins
Started a webcomic on my previous birthday. You can read it on tapastic to see the latest episode:

Should be updated at least once a week. It's all just for funsies.
Splatoon: OCTO-BROS by mayuzane
Splatoon: OCTO-BROS
Meet the Octarians' answer to the Squid Sisters: Neptune and Poseidon!
I'm working on different freelance projects right now and unfortunately I can't post anything due to Non-Disclosure Agreements. Still, being a concept artist is really fun, especially when a modeler renders out what you drew and it looks really cool because both you and the modeler have skills.
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