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Late Bloomers .first sketch. by mayuzane Late Bloomers .first sketch. by mayuzane
(Will be scrapped sometime later)

The following is copied from my journal:

I got this idea rolling around in my head. It's set in this academy for people with psychic powers (CLICHE ALERT) where young students study how to control and develop their psychic abilities(CLICHE ALERT AGAIN).

All of the students are human-animal hybrids, in the 'Japanese' sense (animal ears and tail, human everything else, with few exceptions). Generally, each student is categorized by his/her 'hybrid type', with cats and rabbits for some reason the strongest in psychic strength. However, there are two from each types who don't quite fit that stereotype: Travis the catboy and Trish the rabbit-gal are apparently growth-stunted and are very weak, even compared to those in the 'lower tiers'.

Because of this, Trish and Travis are alienated by the rest of their kind, and the other students pick on them as an outlet for their jealousy of the 'superior' cat and rabbit kind. Eventually these two discover each other and become best friends. Together, they promise to become powerful and be able to protect each other. Over time, romance grows between them and they happily embrace each other as partners for life.

A decade later, Trish and Travis have turned into S-Rank psychic warriors from a mix of intense training and experimental technology. Travis is now able to teleport anywhere at will, and alter his weight without changing his mass (in other words, if he drops on you, you might feel the impact of several thousand tons instead of his normal weight of 120 kilograms). As for Trish, she has no weight limit when it comes to telekinesis; she can and HAS lifted mountains and used them as gigantic punching gloves. She also uses her telekinesis to fly and create shields out of surrounding materials. It is speculated that she can move the entire planet, if she so wishes.

They have become an inseperable couple, and are now literally the two most powerful living creatures on the planet.

Bad news:

They're not the good guys.

They're out to murder every single person who's made fun of them back when they were 'little runts'.

Up in that picture is pretty much Travis and Trish, at ages 15 and 25.
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TheFReeLaND Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Hobbyist
Aw, come on man. I have this: [link] and this: [link] as best friends.

Funny coincidence.
mayuzane Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh man, dude, this is a total coincidence. I did not have those two characters in mind when I wrote and drew these two.
TheFReeLaND Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010  Hobbyist
Hahahaha, I know, I know.

Just though it was funny.
Keltieri-Essekki Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
not bad mayu, keep it up!
crazymew Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Lookin' pretty good man
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