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November 6, 2006
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NAVONOD G1_01 by mayuzane NAVONOD G1_01 by mayuzane
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If you think this should be given a 'mature' rating, just tell me via comment.

You and your wife are both soldiers, both of you, along with the rest of your platoon have been holding your ground in an air-locked underground bunker on a hostile planet, abandoned by your superiors and hunted down by the native hostiles.

Fast-forward eight months later, your wife turns out to have been pregnant before you were both sent to Venus, and now you are on the verge of becoming a father. Medical supplies, food and water are all almost depleted, and your platoon is beginning to question your authority.

Suddenly, good news comes. A radio transmission from a commander in a different platoon announces that there is an armistice between your country and the Venusians. Your platoon celebrates, and you all head to the bunker's air-lock exit.

A transport ship arrives and docks into your bunker. At last, you can go home. You want to leave, live on and raise a family with your wife.

The doors open. You see Venusians... your soldiers wave... and they are greeted with a hail of rockets and bullets. There was no armistice.

Your troops counter-attack, but at the end of the fierce encounter, only two people still breathe.

Your wife's right arm and leg were torn off by a missile, and her right lung has been shot. She's dying from the blood loss, and nobody in your platoon, including yourself, has a compatible blood type. You carry her into the transport, hoping to find a medical kit. You search.You find guns. Food. Water. But the first aid box, the bandages, the sewing kits, the disinfectants, the painkillers... missing.

There is nothing you can do to stop the bleeding. There is nowhere for you to go.

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IloveWolvesNAVONOD Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thaaaat sucks...:(
yourdonebro Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
Anyone else thinking, "Welp, more ammo for me!" Then throw your wife out of the transport as a way of decoy, then GTFO asap. I would do that.
biocoal Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009
Nice page, poor girl, I feel sorry for her. I like it.
ladyXmukuro Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009   Filmographer
1. grab the nearest knife. i'm sure she'd want the baby to live instead of her and there isn't much medical equipment

2. she's 8 months. full term, the baby will survive if given birth to now.

3. bring her with you and get out before a second firing of bullets. maybe they could save her if you leave quick enough.
animefan232 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
Damn. If I was in my wolf form and I approached Venus in my own battle cruiser the Destructor, I'd attack the enemy and then go in and rescue them both from death. I'd also use my powers to heal Ash's wife's fatal injuries.
LordMordrek Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
(Salutes) Semper Fi soldier.
VauxhaulAstra Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006  Student General Artist
Maaaannnn that's depressin'.
mayuzane Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006  Student General Artist
100% intentional.
aeues Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
If I were that place commanding officer I should already kicked her out from that place. Hack why is it has to be like that. Sob..sob...sob I'm not crying okey! Nice. :)
mayuzane Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2006  Student General Artist
The moment they landed on Venus, they were stranded :(
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